“ The quest for quality and not status is our leading edge strategy ”

Commercial law firms often try to impress from a quantitative perspective: the size of the firm, international presence, distinct media presence or by offering expertise in all areas of law.

We offer our clients an alternative approach: personal and confident consultancy in only the areas in which we have gathered a substantial amount of experience. We place high value on really getting to know our clients and understanding their needs and objectives.

Achieving this requires focused listening, intensive involvement with our clients and developing value added solutions based on an overall assessment of their personal, economic and business environment.


Advisors specialising in various disciplines, some of whom having already gathered several decades of experience, have joined together under the name TRUSTED ADVISORS. What they have in common is that they’ve worked together time and on shared projects again – albeit for different firms, businesses and institutions – and are amongst the best in their respective fields.

There are many good attorneys, proven tax experts and creative consultants. The approach of TRUSTED ADVISORS goes a step beyond that. We’re not solely focussed on performing the required services. We don’t just want to solve our clients’ problems; we treat and solve these problems as if they were our own.

Therefore, all of the TRUSTED ADVISORS are committed to the same objectives and operating principle: listening attentively, assessing individually and solving efficiently.